Pilatus aircraft enthusiasts from around the world have made this site possible with continuing input of information from modellers, Pilots, and users of the Pilatus range of aircraft.

I continue to invite all interested persons to contribute any items of interest to share with other Pilatus enthusiasts from around the world.

My interest in Pilatus aircraft started through the same self-interest that the Pilatus Porter PC-6 drew out of people that had any interest in aircraft. I teamed up with a long time friend that I knew had the same level of interest to build a radio controlled model of the PC-6 with the combination of the then learning curve of building a web site.

The other common interest we had was the appreciation of the building of the Australian Snowy Mountains Scheme during the early 1970's. Two PC-6 Porters, VH-SMA and VH-SMB was used to transfer some of the many items and people required to assist in the construction of the now recognised major event of Australian's construction history. After several owners SMA is still flying today in France under a new registration number, F-GFDC.


Through the developing interest from the web site I started to receive input from other Pilatus aircraft users from around the world. One of the most satisfying groups to have contact with is the PC-6 Porter group that was involved with the Australian Army Aviation that used the Porters in Vietnam. This web page of information has also help reform friendships from past years.

Over time the web site has been enhanced with other contributed information about aircraft that Pilatus has produced over the past years like the B4 Glider, PC-9 and the P-3. This enhancement-included assistance from engine manufactures Pratt & Whitney Canada staff and Pilatus staff world wide.

The most recent addition to the web site is the page for PC-12 users. This page was developed following requests by some PC-12 users ( Pilots ) for a common place to relate to how other PC-12 's are utilised. Again this page has brought together people world wide of a same interests.

In some ways the web site could be renamed to the Pilatus Friendship-Enthusiasts web site thus giving me the opportunity to THANK everybody who has contributed to the web site to help share with others of their involvement with Pilatus aircraft.

I invite Pilatus aircraft users to contact me and contribute to my web site any information that other users would appreciate.


This is a private site with no commercial interests

Thank you for visiting